All of the sites within our survey area exist within the area shown on this map. At the time of writing, Nightjars are not to be found anywhere else in Gloucestershire. With just a few exceptions, the vast majority of Nightjar sites in the Forest of Dean are a result of clear-felling and the various stages of re-growth that follows.

The number of sites that we survey changes from year to year as new sites are cleared and older sites become no longer suitable.
n.b. that for reasons we struggle to remember, we have used two sets of pseudonyms for sites. These are cross-referenced below.

Pseudonym 1Pseudonym 2Description
FFAAA deer-fenced area, partially replanted. Level ground. Centre of forest. Main road nearby. Intermittently used by Nightjars in the past inc. breeding.
AACA long and narrow clear felled area. Level ground. Close proximity to another site with a good history of Nightjars.
IIADAn unusual site. Sloped and heavily vegetated, yet unusually attractive to Nightjars, who are known to visit from a variety of other sites.
AAAEA large site that acts as one of a complex of sites. Sloped, deer-fenced and transected by a forestry track.
LAFA site that has held long-term interest for Nightjars despite being largely overgrown. Nearby thinning and felling may add more longevity to this site. Visited by jars from many other sites.
VAGVery close to AF and AH but long past its best.
ZAHClose to AF and AG. Potentially more appealing to jars now that AG is less so, and new clearing on the lower edge of AH makes it more attractive from 2021 onwards.
GGAIA steep site but has been occupied in previous years
EEAJA site with lots of human activity, walkers and bikers, but large enough to support a couple of pairs.
TAKA sloped site that has long passed its best, though birds have still shown up here in recent years.
UALA largely regrown clearfell split by a FC track.
OAMA short distance from AL. Hardly prime habitat but still attracts birds.
WAOA large clearfell. Recently deer-fenced.
DDAPA large clearfell with partial replanting
HAQPrime habitat, heath.
HHASGrass and gorse mostly, but still attractive to jars.
BBATSlope, dense bracken but supports at least one pair and many visiting jars have been recorded here.
DAUCleariing in bottom of valley. Recently fenced.
JAVHigh ground, partially sloped but a large site.
XAWA large deer-fenced clearfell.
CCAXA site on the perimeter of the main forest but excellent habitat.
AYA sloped but well used deer-fenced site, and in the vicinity of a few other sites.
FAZNew clearfell that became first occupied in 2020. Other good sites are nearby.
EBAA large site on high ground. Partially fenced.
BBAnother section of BA.
KBCOne of the few sites outside of the main forest.
BDA valley clearing.
BEA newly created sloping clearfell
BFA sloped fenced clearing.
BGNew clearfell in area with high human traffic.
BHDeer-fenced clearfell near main road.
BILarger area uphill of BH.
BJLarge deer-fenced area.
BKAn outlying wood with good habitat, but detached from the rest of the forest.
BLLarge clearing, partially fenced and replanted. Close to site AV.
MMA newly created, high and exposed site, somewhat isolated but still within short distance from longer term sites.