Records Are There To Be Broken

In 2022, we came across a recording of a bird that sang for 18 minutes, 34 seconds continuously and suggested that this would be hard to beat. Turns out we were wrong about that; this year one of the AudioMoth recordings from site U showed a continuous burst of song that was an astonishing 34 minutes, 43 seconds in length.

This screenshot of the sonogram view shows the continuous 34 minutes highlighted in green. Note that although there appear to be breaks, when zoomed in at a more detailed view, it is unbroken from 17’58 – 52’41 elapsed time, in the audio file (0317 – 0352 BST). In common with the previous ‘record holder’, this is a pre-dawn recording, but made on June 4th, slightly later in the season.  The sonogram shows the start of the dawn chorus around the 49 minute mark.